What to wear for maternity photos

What to wear for maternity photos?

There is something so special about maternity photos, and you want to look your best during this time. However, it can be a bit intimidating to choose what to wear!

The best thing to do is to go with what feels comfortable for you. Whether that is a neutral dress or something with bold patterns, you can always find something that looks gorgeous on you!


The most important thing to consider when picking the right outfit for your maternity photo session is comfort. No matter how stylish your dress is, if it doesn’t fit or you don’t feel comfortable in it, it will show up in the photos and it can ruin your entire look.

One of the most popular maternity dress options for most moms-to-be is a fitted maxi dress. These dresses are so versatile and flatter almost every shape! They are also extremely popular for spring and summer maternity sessions as they help to keep you cool while showing off your bump.

Another popular option for a maternity photo shoot is a long flowy dress. These dresses are beautiful for capturing romantic and elegant images of new moms. The draping fabric hides certain unflattering areas, and it is easy to get the best shot possible when good posing techniques are used during your session!

A flowy or maxi dress can also be a great option for a maternity photoshoot in the winter months. They are incredibly flattering on pregnant women and can be very cozy to wear as well!

As a Seattle maternity photographer, I always recommend that you choose an outfit that is comfortable for you to wear. This way you won’t have to worry about changing your mind at the last minute or having to run to the closet for something new.

You may also want to take a few extra minutes to try on the outfit before your photoshoot, so that you can make sure it fits properly and looks right. This will also give you a chance to see what the color and print of the dress looks like on you.

When you’re choosing your maternity dress, it is important to pick the right color for you! You don’t want to go for an outfit that is too bright or too dark, as you won’t be able to see your bump clearly in the pictures. Instead, choose neutral colors that will blend well with your skin tone.

It’s also a good idea to choose a dress that is not see-through. Most maternity dresses are, so you will want to make sure that you are wearing a bra that can hide any visible underwear.


What to wear for maternity photos is an important part of the shoot, so you want to choose something that will make you feel comfortable and look good. Neutral colors are the best option for pregnancy portraits because they will allow you and your bump to stand out in timeless photos.

During your maternity photo session, I typically recommend a soft palette of shades like white, cream, light gray, tan and even pastels in blush, faint blues and minty teals. These neutrals will give your portraits a fresh, romantic vibe and will also go well with the background color of your surroundings.

In addition to choosing neutral colors, you can add some personality to your maternity photos with a little flair by wearing accessories. A hat, scarf or necklace is a great way to add a personal touch to your pictures without overtaking the focus of the image.

Textured outfits are also a great choice for maternity photos. Lace and knits are two examples of textured fabrics that photograph beautifully.

Another great thing about textured clothing is that they will help to bring out the texture of your skin. Experienced maternity photographers will often have body lotion or oil available in the studio that will help to create beautiful skin textures.

If you are having your maternity photo session outdoors, consider warmer colors that will photograph well in the summertime. Shades of green, blue and yellow work very well for maternity sessions in the spring or summer.

Tip #1: Use the right colors

Using the wrong colors can make your maternity photos look flat and uninteresting. The most important thing is to use colors that will compliment your skin tone.

As a Miami maternity photographer, I can tell you that softer colors like light pink or baby blue are the most flattering to your skin. These colors will make your belly appear smaller and they also make you look more radiant and glowing.

Choosing the right colors for your maternity photos can be difficult, especially when it comes to selecting a neutral outfit. You may have some ideas about what you want to wear, but it is best to stick with a simple and neutral style. You should try to stay away from prints and patterns that will distract the viewers from your cute belly.


Maternity photos are a special opportunity for pregnant women to document their pregnancy journey and celebrate this wonderful time. These photos can be used for announcements, gifts, and timeless heirlooms that will last forever.

Choosing the right texture for your maternity shoot can make all the difference in the way your images turn out. Whether you want a soft, delicate feel or an elegant look, there are plenty of textures to choose from.

Light flowing fabrics are a classic option for a maternity photo shoot because they accentuate the shape of your bump and hide certain unflattering areas. They also make you feel more feminine, which is always a plus in my book!

However, if you are not into the idea of wearing long dresses, there are several other options that will still show off your growing belly. Bodysuits are also a popular choice for maternity photos as they cling effortlessly to your curves and look gorgeous on film.

Another popular maternity dress option is a maxi dress. These styles are comfortable and can be worn in warmer weather, which is ideal for many maternity photo sessions.

The key to selecting the right maternity dress is to choose something that you love and fits well. It is very important that you perform a try-on test before your maternity shoot to ensure that the dress will fit and flatter you perfectly.

Once you have found the perfect maternity dress, it is time to think about what color or pattern you would like for your photos. Keep in mind that solid colors photograph best, so avoid patterns that take attention away from your bump.

If you are unsure about the color you want for your photos, talk to your photographer about their experience with shooting different colors. They can help you choose the right option for your maternity photos and help you plan ahead so that you have the perfect photos to share with family and friends.

Maternity photos are a special moment in every woman’s life. There is no doubt that these photos will be treasured for a lifetime, and you want to ensure that they are the best they can be.


What to wear for maternity photos is an important decision because it will set the tone for the entire photo session. Choose something that you are comfortable in, which will allow you to move around freely during the shoot.

You should also consider your body shape when choosing an outfit. Avoid short-length dresses that aren’t flattering on your curves, and be sure to bring a belt with you for added style.

Another great option is to bring a variety of different colors in your outfit. This will help you to stay warm in cooler weather and give your photos some variety.

Depending on the location of your maternity photos, you may want to bring multiple outfits to ensure that you are ready for a variety of weather conditions. For example, you may want to bring a pair of pants, skirts, or even a dress for a more casual session.

If you are going for a more sophisticated look, then a long gown can be the perfect choice. It will show off your beautiful bump and flaunt your feminine figure beautifully.

Lace is a great choice for a gown, and it photographs very well as well. A knit or a scarf can also add texture and interest to the overall look of the outfit.

It is also possible to create a fun and colorful look in your maternity photos by bringing some bold accessories. This will add a touch of your personality to the pictures and make them more interesting.

When selecting your maternity photos dress, don’t forget to pick a dress that fits you well and is comfortable. This will keep you feeling confident throughout the shoot and help you to get the best results.

You should also avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes as they can leave marks on your belly and cause discomfort. This is especially important if you are in the early stages of pregnancy and haven’t been feeling your best yet.

A simple skinny belt can accentuate your waistline and can enhance any shirt or dress you are wearing, whether it is flowy or fitted.